What I'm Working On

Here's a sneak peek at my picture book projects, as explained by their #pitmad pitches.  To read full manuscripts, please request on my contact page.


Just a Princess

Gracie loves to be a scientist, doctor, or astronaut, but wants to fit in with the princess crowd, too.  Maybe no girl has to choose to be just one thing. #GirlsinSTEM


Matta, The Hidden People, and The Magic Dust

Matta is tired of the winter that paralyzes her village.  When given a magical solution, she has to choose between the easy path and finding the beauty through the cold.  Her decision gives a gift for all generations to come.  An homage to the Icelandic Huldufòlk.  


Champ Goes to College

Jack is getting busy with college, and his Great Dane Champ is not happy.  When Jack forgets to feed Champ breakfast before class, Champ decides it’s time for him to go to college too, where he expects to find Jack, bacon, and tennis balls. Spoiler: he finds 2/3.