What I'm Working On

Here's a sneak peek at my picture book projects, as explained by their Twitter pitches.  To read full manuscripts, please request on my contact page.


Just a Princess

Princess or scientist – does she have to choose? It sure feels that way for Gracie. She’s not sure she ready to give up her lab coat for a tiara, but she does want to fit in. Maybe no girl needs to be JUST one thing


Matta and The Magic Dust

An homage to Icelandic Huldufòlk: As a blizzard paralyzes Matta’s village, she makes a wish and is given a magical solution.  But she must choose between the easy path and finding joy in the snow.  Her decision gives a gift for all to come.  


Ms. Pickens’ Chickens

Darla, HannahBanana and Feathers McGee are Ms. Pickens’ beloved chickens. When they have to come to her classroom her students are thrilled, until Feathers goes missing and shows up at the worst possible moment!