My Mind, Trying to Write

Being a mom-writer is not easy.  Ok, being a mom-anything is not easy.  This time of year is just a little crazy in our house and the work has not been coming easily lately, if at all.  So when I sat down to write, I decided to share what goes on inside my head as I desperately try to get something down on the page.  I hope you can relate. 

Ugh. I should really being doing laundry. I’m pretty much the worst wife ever. 

Ooooh, I’m going to work on my MG idea. 

No, wait, the other MG idea.

Maybe this makes more sense if my character is older and it’s YA.

No, I think it fits better in MG. I need to read more MG.

Maybe I should just use this time to read.

I’m going to read.

Let me just check twitter.

Was that the baby? Is he crying?

Gah, I really have to potty train the middle one.

Wait, I could write a PB about potty training.  But will anything ever be as good as Everyone Poops? Answer - no.

PBs are my comfort zone I should just work on one of my PB ideas.

Let’s see, how about this one…

Wait my word count is getting up there, maybe this needs to be something else. Chapter Book? MG? I should read more MG.

I should switch over the laundry.

Crap, I didn’t send that email for church.

Let me just check twitter.

Wtf is misandry?

How is it almost time to make lunch?!

I need more coffee.

Ok, I’m just going to work on this PB.

When was the last time I sent out a query?

I should send out some queries today.

Every agent is looking for MG.

I should read more MG.

What is on these pants? I really need to do laundry.

Omg, I have a meeting tonight and didn’t schedule a sitter.  I hope she sees this text.

Ok, back to my PB. I love this idea.

Wait, does this even make sense? Is there enough voice coming through?

Why did I think I could write? Seriously, why did I go to school for this?

Let me just check twitter.

That agent is hilarious. I really wish she rep’d PBs.

Ok, that was definitely the baby.  The boys are probably starving.  I’m basically the worst mom ever.

I should do some laundry quick.

Let me just check twitter.


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Emily Ramquist